What’s NEW

The following sections summarize the most important new features and bug fixes included with this release.

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Installation scripts

On premise (click to download)

wget -O conduit-2.5.2.tar.gz 'https://bpartifactstorage.blob.core.windows.net/conduit-artifacts-public/2.5.2/conduit-2.5.2.tar.gz'

wget -O conduit-transformless-install-onprem.sh  'https://bpartifactstorage.blob.core.windows.net/conduit-artifacts-public/2.5.2/conduit-transformless-install-onprem.sh'

Installation process

For a complete guide to installing Conduit please navigate to:

[CONDUITV3-1581] - increase default BDE_SERVER_MEMORY_OPTS from "-Xms1G -Xmx2G" to "-Xms2G -Xmx4G"
[CONDUITV3-1715] - expose default spark parameters in the conduit-transformless-install-onprem.sh
[CONDUITV3-1637] - sync keystore password with provisioning token on every update
[CONDUITV3-1440] - support configurable thrift server port for Conduit Console Management (UI)
[CONDUITV3-1372] - deployment script prompts the full path of the management console


[CONDUITV3-1712] - add validation for columns if caching is enabled. At the moment, Conduit cannot cache columns that contain space in the name.
[CONDUITV3-1618] - in Connector creation wizard, show info message if 'cache now' is enabled so that the user can navigate to "Parquet Store" for more details
[CONDUITV3-1208] - fix failure to load Metadata default.connector in data_source_metadata for a connector which has more than two “_” sign in name

[CONDUITV3-1635] - improve connector name validation on cloned connector to check for names exceeding length limitations

[CONDUITV3-1488] - fix queries including the time columns from postgresql sample that failed

File connectors

[CONDUITV3-XYZ] - fix cache expiration for flat file connectors
[CONDUITV3-1544] - support distribution by flattened columns in file connectors when caching to parquet store

Google Big Query

[CONDUITV3-1570] - remove ActiveDirectory Pass Through authentication option. Not supported by Big Query.


[CONDUITV3-216] - fix some issues with back-ticks, case sensitivity when using Query Editor

Parquet store

[CONDUITV3-1641] - add endpoint to trigger cache refresh from parquet store

[CONDUITV3-1634] - Handle cache jobs as separate groups for separate tables

[CONDUITV3-1644] - add absolute path and jobId to cloud store for each parquet store entry
[CONDUITV3-1601] - add more details about Parquet cache entries, such as cache path in storage

[CONDUITV3-1602] - add Parquet store auto refresh mechanism. Silently refresh web interface to update information.

[CONDUITV3-1650] - rename correlationId to Log correlationId when viewing details for a cache entry
[CONDUITV3-1585] - Add metadata file marker for Parquet file system storage. Conduit will create a .txt file to allow better administration and tracking of configurations when using cloud storage.

[CONDUITV3-1623] - add parquet store help button to allow navigating directly to support documentation
[CONDUITV3-1645] - support columns sorting in Parquet store table view
[CONDUITV3-1701] - fix no second entry in parquet after first virtual dataset deletion for the same connector
[CONDUITV3-1688] - fix expected Expiration time column that displayed the Current System time.

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Data Catalog

[CONDUITV3-1457] - navigate from the catalog to the query editor via an asset view

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Query Editor

[CONDUITV3-1592] - display correlationId for queries

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Conduit Backup

[CONDUITV3-1673] - fix issue when GCS backup can't be triggered on clean server
[CONDUITV3-1545] - add validation for GoogleCloudStorage backup location that it must contain absolute path starting with "/"" for folder
[CONDUITV3-1328] - make mandatory fields visible by default. save button disabled all the time until mandatory fields are filled-in

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Service Management

[CONDUITV3-1579] - improve error handling for Conduit server so that the container restarts properly on OutOfMemory exceptions
[CONDUITV3-1500] - add disk space monitoring in conduit_agent
[CONDUITV3-1505] - add support for send warning email to all admins when one VM has low disk_space

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[CONDUITV3-1513] - set TimeToLive (TTL) for Zookeper snapshots and update docker image so that Zookeepr service does not run out of space by not removing old files.
[CONDUITV3-1571] - display friendlier error message for OData endpoint over BigQuery
[CONDUITV3-1700] - fix reset password modal not displayed
[CONDUITV3-646] - add mechanisms to avoid spark taking up entire disk leading to "No space left on device" errors

Logging information

[CONDUITV3-1707] - increase default kibana time filter from 60min to 30days for correlation ids when navigating from an error message popup or correlation id details link
[CONDUITV3-793] - capture user account who created, updated and deleted connector

For more information regarding advanced logging please navigate to Conduit logs .