Create user accounts

As an admin you can easy create new Conduit user accounts. In that order you are going in in the "Secure" area of the app, and should see the following screen.

Now you can press "+ New User" button and the registration form will be displayed on the screen as following.

Once you had completed the form you should press the "Create" button and the account will be created for you.

Approve user accounts

If the "Enable Users Auto Approval" is disabled in "Settings" all accounts registrations should be approved by an admin. If that's the case, you as an admin will notice a notification message if there are accounts registrations waiting for your approval as in the following screen.

In order to approve registrations you should press the "Approve Registrations" button and list of pending registrations are presented to you.

Here you can approve or reject each user account, then press "Close".

Changing users roles

An admin can change another user role from analyst to admin or from admin to analyst. For changing a user role you should press "Edit" icon located in the right on the corresponding user row and the following dialog window will appear on the screen.

Now you just select the corresponding user role and press the "Update" button.

Choosing the users approval process

As an administrator you can choose if the new users registrations will require or not an administrator approval. For that purpose you can check/uncheck the "Enable Users Auto Approval" checkbox located in the "Settings" dialog window.

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