What’s NEW

The following sections summarize the most important new features and bug fixes included with this release.

For the previous release notes please navigate to 2.5.0 (Aug 16, 2021).


Installation scripts

On premise (click to download)

Installation process

For a complete guide to installing Conduit please navigate to:

[CONDUITV3-1247] - add a Conduit uninstall script to clean

        - Conduit deployment scripts support uninstallation to facilitate cleanup in case of failed deployments
[CONDUITV3-1637] - sync keystore password with provisioning token on every update
[CONDUITV3-1372] - installation script prompts deployment url on successful installation

        "************************** Congratulations! ********************",

        "Conduit service has been deployed successfully.",
        "It can be accessed at {{ CONDUIT_URL }}.
        "Your admin login email: {{ CONDUIT_ADMIN_EMAIL }}"


[CONDUITV3-1526] - add support for configurable support email when creating the deployment scripts


[CONDUITV3-1220] - redesign Conduit authentication screen
[CONDUITV3-1317] - fix missing Forget Password link from the login page

[CONDUITV3-1384] - fix redirect of Conduit Users Page to the Connectors Page
[CONDUITV3-1493] - prompt User with error message if invalid credentials are entered
[CONDUITV3-692] - add "Re-type password" check field

[CONDUITV3-1402] - fix user approval popup that displays "no users" when there are users to be approved
[CONDUITV3-1494] - display User approval/reject loading spinner
[CONDUITV3-1497] - improve Conduit support messages when Users register and receives approval

[CONDUITV3-1529] - update email template received by admin when a new user registered, confirmed or not approved

[CONDUITV3-1625] - fix Password Reset link that overlaps with button
[CONDUITV3-1455] - add configuration API to support enabling/disabling users auto-approval feature

                                   - navigate to Secure -> User Admin -> Settings


[CONDUITV3-561] - fix: adding a connector to a group doesn't update the connector's Authorization step if Enable Authorization checkbox is not checked
[CONDUITV3-1116] - fix: query endpoint for all connectors throws exception for no authorized connectors
[CONDUITV3-1394] - fix: The description for conduit groups is not displayed on groups page, it is seen just on edit window
[CONDUITV3-1335] - fix: active directory groups view header is not shown


[CONDUITV3-1148] - redesign connectors selection
[CONDUITV3-1294] - improve spacing for input form fields to create some space between texts and margins
[CONDUITV3-1413] - do not set auto-refresh to "checked" by default when caching is enabled

File connectors

[CONDUITV3-1230] - support multiline json in file connectors
[CONDUITV3-1303] - add help icon [i] with with example with a nested json next to checkbox to "is json multiline"
[CONDUITV3-1243] - set Cache config independent of Dynamic folder

Google Big Query

[CONDUITV3-1325] - Disable views from biqueries
[CONDUITV3-1359] - When exploring a bigquery dataset, ignore it if the tables are not visible
[CONDUITV3-1355] - Identify a bigquery connection using project id, service account email and private key
[CONDUITV3-1242] - rename authentication fields for Google/AZBS/AWS connectors to align with cloud vendor terms
[CONDUITV3-1207] - fix conflict when trying create connector and Parquet Storage is set to GCS too

Parquet store

[CONDUITV3-1631] - fix table column resize issues
[CONDUITV3-1601] - add more details about cache entries (start time, end time, duration, autoRefresh enabled)
[CONDUITV3-1614] - add parquet dialog for each cached dataset

More details regarding Parquet store configuration can be found on the following page: Configure parquet store file system .

Conduit Backup

[CONDUITV3-1234] - update backup policy after I click "backup now"
[CONDUITV3-1227] - rename backup option "Local" to "File system"
[CONDUITV3-1532] - disable Backup button if all fields are empty

[CONDUITV3-1692] - backup tab is causing UI to break after entering and then leaving it

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Service Management

[CONDUITV3-1318] - support ordering for health status columns
[CONDUITV3-1427] - sort by name by default all sections in service management
[CONDUITV3-1430] - remove button for spark cluster reconnect
[CONDUITV3-1423] - add refresh button for service management page
[CONDUITV3-1319] - mark a service as healthy only if docker status is Up (healthy)


[CONDUITV3-1146] - fix: table in capital letters is not seen, and table in lower case is seen
[CONDUITV3-1337] - fix: QueryService cannot serialize UTF8String instances properly
[CONDUITV3-1323] - fix parser for queries that contain table names that start with a nr
[CONDUITV3-1259] - support multiple cloud configurations simultaneous
[CONDUITV3-1522] - do requests per tab in the settings tab, not per entire page
[CONDUITV3-1386] - improve Look and feel: All Tables in Conduit should be consistent
[CONDUITV3-1421] - fix: loading tooltip remains displayed even if I leave the page
[CONDUITV3-1627] - fix: in data Catalog - Global search doesn't work

Logging information

[CONDUITV3-1302] - add link to directly to Kibana with correlationId to allow for further investigation in case of errors
[CONDUITV3-1399] - improve the user-friendliness of most error messages
[CONDUITV3-1346] - improve the error message when an analyst cannot access kibana log due to restricted access
[CONDUITV3-1190] - host should display the VM name for easy debugging

For more information regarding advanced logging please navigate to Conduit logs .