NOTE: The information presented below is intended for admin users only.

As an admin you can configure the SMTP settings. For that go to User → Settings → SMTP Settings 

The administrator has control over the way new user accounts are being created. The process is different for an analyst user depending on settings provided here.

If SMTP settings are enabled an email is sent to the address indicated by the user when signing-up for a new account. Still you might need to approve the new account if the automatic approval feature is not activated. 

If SMTP settings are enabled an email is also sent to all admins informing them that a new user has signed-up. This enables the admins to have a notification system when users to sign-up to use the system with Conduit accounts.

If you choose not to configure the SMTP server, then automatic approval is not compatible in this case and all new account requests will need your approval as an admin and you will have to manually verify when new users are pending your approval.

The settings

Setting up the SMTP server requires some information. The information required on the first four fields should be available from your local IT department. 

The two checkboxes

Use SMTP Auth?

SMTP Authentication is the mechanism by which the clients of an ISP identify themselves to the mail server through which they intend to send email. It is not possible for any person to send email via any mail server they choose; mail servers will only allow the sending of email by legitimate users. 

Having this checkbox on will ensure that Conduit will be able to send out emails to users.

Enable SSL/TLS Connections

Enable this checkbox to ensure that emails send by Conduit will be transmitted in a secure way.