Conduit can be integrated with your Azure Active Directory for a single sign-on experience.

Once this integration is enabled users can login into Conduit either by using their Active Directory account or by using their email & password. 


How to enable Active Directory login

NOTE: This option is only available to users having Admin role.

Step 1. As a Conduit admin, once you are logged in navigate to Secure -> Active Directory Subscriptions -> Add New Subscription


Step 2. Fill in Active Directory subscription details

  • Active Directory Subscription name

    • can be any identifier that helps the identification among multiple subscriptions 

  • Active Directory Authority

    • taken from Azure Active Directory configuration page

  • Application ID

    • taken from Azure Active Directory configuration page

    • the administrator needs to add <base Conduit URL>/login/oauth2/code/azure/user and <base Conduit URL>/login/oauth2/code/azure/subscription/validation as an authorized Redirect URI in the Azure App registrations → Authentication configuration page

  • Client Secret

    • taken from Azure Active Directory configuration page

  • (optional) Set as default subscription

    • if enabled then this subscription will be used by the Conduit login page

    • if disabled then this subscription can only be used when configuring Connector authentication


Step 3. Click “Validate and Import AAD groups

This button will validate Azure Active Directory (AAD) subscription.

This will also import AD groups in order to allow configuration of connector visibility per group.

Imported groups ca be seen by navigating to Secure → User Groups → Active Directory Groups.

Each group can be configured with a particular Conduit Role and/or configure custom data visibility per connector.


Step 4. Click “Submit” to complete the process.