This tutorial guides through the steps needed to run a successful recovery process via the terminal.

Prerequisite: Connect to your Conduit environment using SSH (for windows use putty ) 

ssh your-user@your-conduit-dns-or-ip

Follow the below steps:

  1. Type in your Azure/S3 storage credentials (optional - only valid in extreme scenarios like complete Elasticsearch failure, corrupted data, total machine failure and/or other extreme situations that result in a complete loss of data)

Your credentials will be provided to Elasticsearch and we’ll have to restart Elasticsearch service.

2. You’ll get a message that the repository has been created and snapshots of your last 10 backups  are available for selection to restore from.

3. Choose your snapshot from the above list and paste it when being prompted for it.

The snapshot provided will be verified and the restore process will start. Once this is complete all services will restart automatically and you'll get notified about the outcome.

Once this has finished successfully you can go to your Conduit instance and have access to your data. Your restore process has been completed successfully!

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