Key facts:

1. Introducing the backup and data recovery features

2. Conduit is powered with the latest Spark 3.1.2 engine 

Take control of your backup policy 

The backup feature is available via the Settings > Backup Policy menu and allows the admin to do the following:

  • perform manual backup  

  • configure recurrent backup policy

  • option to select between different places where the backup is saved. Current options are Azure, AWS S3 and local. Other options will be added in the upcoming releases.

The recovery process is available, for now, as a script-based solution. Future developments will provide an UI solution integrated in Conduit. Visit our Tutorials section for a guide on how to run a successful restore process from your Azure storage location.

Conduit is now equipped with the latest Apache Spark 3.1.2 engine which together with Elasticsearch 7 will make it:

  • provide better performance than ever 

  • solve known problems related the S3 connector 

  • solve integration problems related to the Elasticsearch connector 

  • fixes problems with parsing unquoted json tables name

  • fixes json file containing json objects inside an array

Elasticsearch connector:

  • enable querying of Elasticsearch 7 clusters 

  • support for querying our own Elasticsearch 7 metadata indexes (Data catalog, Query audit etc.)