The Data Catalog helps you to discover, visualize and annotate your virtual datasets accessible via Conduit down to the field level. Adding descriptions and tags provides more business context to your datasets. Search enables you to find right assets for a dataset you need.

Full hierarchy of assets you are authorized to access can be viewed in Browse panel on the left side of the screen. Assets can be keyword tagged from any view. Description can be added on asset details page. Data preview is available on table level asset details pages.

When it comes to searching across your vast datasets things are as easy as they can get. The search will look-up and return all assets containing your search criteria by looking at asset names, descriptions and tags. Additionally, you can filter the list of results using the filtering criteria available.

For a personalized user experience, you can select between two modes of displaying your results, by clicking on icons from the top right corner.

Another Data Catalog feature is ability to select specific assets for creating a virtual URL. Then you can use that URL on external BI tools such as Power BI to access only to those selected assets. The process is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Select the wanted assets by clicking on the checkboxes provided. Also the number of selected items is being provided to you.

  2. Click on the ellipsis (the 3 vertical dots) next to the Items selected label.

  3. Select the Get Endpoints option.

    A summary window provides you with important aspects about your selection. You can select your endpoint type from the Endpoint dropdown and then copy the generated virtual URL. The copied URL can be used via your BI client of choice to expose you to the selected assets.