The Query Editor feature provides a direct and easy way to perform queries against your data assets. The data you are authorized to visualize and use is displayed at a glance in the left panel. The right part shows the main editor area and below the list of results are displayed.

You can directly write a SELECT * statement on a table asset by simply clicking on it.

For a diverse querying experience we offer a list with the most common SQL statements that you can use to create queries to fit your needs. To add a new statement simply click on and it will be visible into the editor.

Clicking on the table automatically selects of columns of that table. To select only a few wanted columns expand the table and click to the select them. As you make your selection the changes are directly reflected inside the editor.

The query building is not limited by the available buttons. The SQL syntax in the query editor is Hive/Spark SQL (very similar to ANSI SQL except some difference in arithmetic operations, type conversion, build-in SQL functions).