The Power BI Spark connector offers the option to access data sources using the Power BI tool.
This tutorial covers accessing the data by connecting to Conduit in Power BI.

  1. In Conduit open Data Endpoints page and copy Power BI Spark Connector

  1. Open Power BI Desktop app. If needed, install it first from

  2. Click Get Data icon to open Get Data window

  3. In Get Data window search “Spark“. Spark is Conduit’s SQL engine.

  4. Select Spark and click Connect

  5. Fill out connection Spark details and click OK

    1. Server: paste Power BI Spark Connector copied from step 1 (ex: “

    2. Protocol: select “HTTP”

    3. Data Connectivity mode: select “DirectQuery”

  6. You will be prompted to enter credentials for your Conduit data source.