Thrift JDBC/ODBC Server (aka Spark Thrift Server or STS) is Spark SQL’s port of Apache Hive’s HiveServer2 that allows JDBC/ODBC clients to execute SQL queries over JDBC and ODBC protocols on Apache Spark. With Spark Thrift Server, users can work with their Business Intelligence (BI) tools, e.g. Power BI, Tableau or Microsoft Excel, and connect to Apache Spark using the ODBC interface.

Spark Thrift Server can be configured to listen in two modes (aka transport modes):

  1. Binary mode — clients should send thrift requests in binary

  2. HTTP mode — clients send thrift requests over HTTP (the mode this endpoint type is using)

You can connect to Conduit in a variety of tools. The screenshot below shows connection setup in Dbeaver.


You can check out our samples GitHub repo for code examples of using a JDBC connection to query Conduit connectors.