1.4.0 (24 Jun '19)

  • AWS S3 connector added. Enables multi-cloud connectivity (between Azure and AWS).
  • Cache enabled for join queries. Conduit now has the ability to cache the result set of a query requiring a join between data sets, including hybid-joins (joins between datasets from distinct data sources and databases). The benefit is that subsequent similar queries are performed more quickly.
  • Azure Blob storage connection creator search function added. The convenience of Azure Blob storage can result in an extensive (and complicated) folder structure. The search functionality simplifies the process of creating Azure Blob connector by enabling user to rapidly identify files that should be included in the connector.
  • Enabled navigation of AD Subscriptions within Conduit (read only - AD group definition should remain centrally managed in AD console).
  • OData connector now works with authorization-enabled data sources.
  • Bug fixes (improved UI Authorization control, improved UI navigability, etc.)